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Another one of those gif blogs! I've rped for not quite as long as others, but I've still collected many gifs of the characters I have.You can request someone specific who isn't on the list when the status is open.

I don't own any of the gifs seen here. Credit goes to those they belong to.

Please check the list before requesting Registered & Protected

Marion Cotillard Gifs Part Two 

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Marion Cotillard Gifs Part One 

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Anonymous asked: "Can you make a lot more Vanessa Hudgens GIFs? Without quotes plz"

I’m afraid I didn’t make any of the gifs here so I can’t do anything, I got all of the ones I could find so I’m sorry, but there’s not much else I can do :( If you search through the tags then perhaps you can find a gif maker?

Chris Pine Gifs 

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Josh Holloway Gifs 

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James McAvoy Gifs 


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Britney Haynes Gifs 

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Anonymous asked: "Do you know of any good gif makers that take request? There's this fc I really want to use that only has about 10 gifs. Thank you :)"

I’m sorry, but I think my answer will be of no use to you. I don’t know anybody that is taking requests/can make gifs. I suggest looking through the rp-critics/helpers and see if they’ll do it, I’m pretty sure most of them do! :)

I have gotten each of your requests, although I apologize for not starting any of them sooner. I’m afraid person problems got in the way and it’s far too late to do anything right now exactly. It’ll be done first thing tomorrow morning!

To-do list:

If you aren’t on the to-do list then your message most likely didn’t come through. Just go ahead and send it in again although I’ll have to apologize if it takes a little while! 

Anonymous asked: "ashley greene, vanessa hudgens, steven r. mcqueen please *w*"

Oops, I’m sorry. I forgot to respond to this when I was finished. Either way, here you go! 

Ashley Greene | Vanessa Hudgens | Steven R. McQueen

Hope that helped! :)