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Another one of those gif blogs! I've rped for not quite as long as others, but I've still collected many gifs of the characters I have.You can request someone specific who isn't on the list when the status is open.

I don't own any of the gifs seen here. Credit goes to those they belong to.

Please check the list before requesting Registered & Protected

Figured I’d start here with an introduction now that I’ve published something.

Hello everyone! My name is Izzy, in case you needed a name to give me.

I know there are many gif blogs out there, but I figure there can never be too many of them. I’ve found that some of them don’t have some of the people I’m looking for though. So, after thinking it over, I decided to start my own.

First: None of the gifs you see are mine unless stated otherwise, if you wish me to give credit to you then message me via ask/submit! 

I accept requests, so go ahead and send them in to me! I’ll promise to get them up as soon as I collect them. I do promo you guys, which you can find the information for in my submit box or here. Thank you everyone, I’m looking forward to helping people find gifs!